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Elevate Your Expertise to New Heights in Digital, Compliance, and Security for the AI Age with Up Secure training offering

🚀 Boost your expertise in Digital, Compliance, and Security for the AI Age with our targeted training offerings. 💻 Master Security and Privacy Engineering, explore Data Protection by Design, and dive into AI applications in various fields. 🛡️ Enhance your skills in GDPR-compliant applications and web security. 🔥 Ignite your professional growth with our streamlined learning journey. 🌟

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Hybrid Expertise: Law Meets Software Engineering

Piotr Siemieniak, PhD
Piotr Siemieniak, PhD

🎓 As a dual specialist, I'm a lawyer and a Software Engineer, uniquely positioned at the intersection of technology and law. 👨‍💻👨‍⚖️ I'm currently undertaking a PhD, specializing in 'Data Protection by Design', which enriches my deep understanding of the multifaceted field of data protection and cybersecurity. 🔐

📚 This educational pathway, combined with my practical technical expertise, enables me to navigate the complex terrain of cybersecurity with a distinct blend of skills. Using both my legal education and technical acumen, I provide a comprehensive perspective on data protection challenges. 🧩

🏢 Leading a cybersecurity and privacy protection firm, my professional ethos is deeply rooted in offering comprehensive support to businesses. This involves harmonizing the technical and legal aspects of software engineering and data protection. 🔒👥

🌐 With a deep understanding of GDPR and a proactive approach to data protection, I deliver a suite of services including data protection audits, compliance management solutions, and specialized training. 💼🎯

Empowerment through Knowledge
Empowerment through Knowledge

Through specialized training programs, businesses not only receive solutions but also acquire a deeper understanding of data protection and cybersecurity. This supports them to manage and prevent future compliance and security issues.

Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance

Our deep understanding of GDPR and data protection regulations helps businesses navigate the complex landscape of data security. Businesses can maintain regulatory compliance, avoid potential fines, and gain peace of mind.

Offloading Complexities
Offloading Complexities

With our unique blend of software engineering and legal expertise, we provide software solutions, security audits, and specialist outsourcing. Our services allow businesses to offload privacy and security tasks, simplify processes, and enhance resilience.

Interdisciplinary Expertise
Interdisciplinary Expertise

With a unique blend of legal knowledge and software engineering skills, businesses receive comprehensive advice and solutions that consider both legal and technical aspects of data protection and cybersecurity.

Courses available in multiple forms and formats

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Remote data protection training
We're remote-first company and we conduct training activities remotely via Microsoft Teams, Zoom or other video conferencing services.

On-site data protection training
We conduct on-site training sessions which are adapted to individual requirements of the organization focused to specific areas of expertise, e.g. marketing, IT data protection, software design, legal aspects of data protection.

On-demand data protection training
We offer on-demand training videos on data protection, software engineering and information security. If you're looking for on-demand video that is aligned with your requirements we'd be happy to record one.

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