Penetration testing with Python 3


Penetration testing with Python 3

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What problem does this training solve?

In the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, organizations need skilled professionals who can identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in their systems. The "Penetration Testing with Python 3" training addresses this need by equipping participants with the knowledge and skills to harness the power of Python for ethical hacking and vulnerability assessments. By covering essential Python concepts, libraries, and techniques for penetration testing, this training enables cybersecurity professionals and ethical hackers to create custom tools, automate tasks, and effectively identify and remediate vulnerabilities in various systems and applications.

  • Cybersecurity professionals and ethical hackers seeking to enhance their penetration testing skills using Python 3.
  • IT professionals responsible for identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities in systems and applications.
  • Software developers interested in learning about Python-based tools and techniques for cybersecurity.
  • System and network administrators aiming to strengthen their organization's security posture using Python.
  • Compliance officers and legal professionals interested in understanding Python-based penetration testing methodologies.
  • Project managers and team leads overseeing cybersecurity projects with a focus on ethical hacking and vulnerability assessments.
  • Any individual interested in learning about penetration testing using Python 3 and expanding their cybersecurity expertise.


  • 🐍 Introduction to penetration testing and Python 3
  • 🛠️ Overview of Python libraries and tools for penetration testing
  • ⚙️ Setting up a Python-based penetration testing environment
  • 🕵️ Reconnaissance and information gathering using Python
  • 🧰 Developing custom Python tools for vulnerability assessment
  • 🤖 Automating penetration testing tasks with Python
  • 💥 Exploitation and post-exploitation techniques using Python
  • 🌐 Python-based tools for network and web application penetration testing
  • 📊 Reporting and documentation of penetration testing findings with Python
  • 📚 Case studies: Real-world examples of penetration testing using Python
  • 🎩 Best practices for ethical hacking and responsible disclosure with Python
  • ❓ Q&A and wrap-up session


Available as on-line course
This training is available as live on-line course
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30 lipca 2019 22:36
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