Data Protection Compliance and Information Security Management

We carry out the audits for compliance of personal data processing with the provisions of the general data protection regulation (GDPR).

What is the goal of an audit?

Intention of an audit is to verify compliance and non-compliance and identify potential threats to the organisation. This will allow an organisation to take actions to improve both compliance and internal awarenss of the staff of existing issues.

Follow-up steps after the personal data protection auditing.

Subsequent steps after the auditing shall include predominantly the implementation of the changes in the personal data protection system. The clients may perform this task independently or may commission the implementation supervision to us (running another auditing after the implementation) or delegate the tasks related to the implementation including the elaboration of the relevant documentation, testing of various amendments implemented and others.

On some occasions, in the course of the auditing or once the personal data protection system has been implemented we advise our clients to perform the auditing of the source code with regards to the software developed within the organisation or running the penetration testing. Such commissions intend to verify the quality and safety level for IT solutions and infrastructure.

Relevant training sessions