Personal data breach and incident handling


Personal data breach and incident handling

Information Security Privacy and Data Protection

What problem does this training solve?

Reporting of incidents and data breaches previously only existed in the telecommunications sector. The provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation have introduced similar constructions related to the reporting of data breaches to the extent applicable to all data controllers.

The purpose of this training is to prepare participants to take active actions related to data breaches, which includes,, classification of the breach, reporting the breach to the data protection authority and informing the affected persons about the breach. Participants of the training will gain key skills in the area of identifying incidents, responding to them and preparing reports on data breaches.

The training is conducted in the form of interactive workshops and is primarily recommended for managers, IT employees (e.g. programmers, software architects, security teams), legal departments and data protection officers. Participants will be introduced to the subject of data breaches (theoretical part) and then in specific cases will have to perform specific tasks under the leadership of the leader related to assessing the situation, preparing a report or proposing remedies related to the data breach.


  • Introduction to incident management (45 minutes)
  • Legal requirements for reporting incidents or data breaches (45 minutes)
  • Incident response simulation (90 minutes)
  • Prevention and action after the incident (45 minutes)
  • Exercises related to reporting data breaches to the Office for Personal Data Protection (45 minutes) (45 minutes)
  • Legal liability related to incidents and breaches of personal data protection (45 minutes)
  • Training summary (45 minutes)


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