Interactive training for Data Protection Officers


Interactive training for Data Protection Officers

Information Security Privacy and Data Protection

What problem does this training solve?

An interactive simulation game for data protection officers entitled DPO master aims at a practical approach to learning to document and ensure accountability with the provisions on the protection of personal data. Consequently, training participants have the opportunity to practice the approach to the application of the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, commonly referred to as the GDPR.

Scenario: in the described "Company" it is necessary to check the state of data protection to prepare it for the GDPR and proper functioning in times of information economy. For this purpose, the Participant gets a set of tasks and it depends on him how he will perform them, because in this topic the Management Board trusts only our Participant. The time to complete tasks is limited due to the fact that, for example, there will be only 72 hours to report an incident if there is a data breach. There are many possibilities of the solution, so you can make mistakes without consequences, but also achieve quick successes, because it is a simulation game on data protection accountability, in which after each exercise a solution template developed by ABI / DPO will be presented.

Course of the game: The participant of the game receives at the beginning of learning aids, such as: a description of the functioning of the entity and a map of personal data. Both documents are prepared on the basis of a list of issues related to the protection of personal data. After reading the description of the entity, we check to what extent the Participants assessed the state of preparation of the entity. For this purpose, participants receive a set of questions and for each of them assess (on a scale from 1 to 5) the level of preparation of this entity, choosing the statement most appropriate for the description. At the end of this task, the Participants get the result of their assessment in combination with the correct answers (grades).


1. Introduction to the simulation game.

  • Familiarization of participants with the organization that will be audited
  • Quiz on the assessment of the organization's preparation for the GDPR
  • General knowledge quiz about GDPR
  • Preparation of participants

2. Running a simulation game.

  • Personal data inventory process
  • Personal data lifecycle
  • Ensuring security and business continuity in the process of processing personal data

3. Simulation game summary.

  • Evaluation of the organization after changes
  • Q&A session


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