Designing GDPR-compliant newsletter with Django


Designing GDPR-compliant newsletter with Django

Information Security Software Engineering

What problem does this training solve?

Python is a widely used programming language ranging from the automation of activities, through the production of websites to complex mathematical analyzes. Written in Python, the Django framework is increasingly chosen by organizations every year in order to build key business services based on it, e.g. online stores, social networks, APIs and others.

The course is designed for people who want to develop or start learning programming in the area of web application development using the Django framework. During this course, participants will learn from scratch how the Django framework works and build their first web application.


  • Prepare the development environment and run the application (45 minutes)
  • Preparation of the first view and database model (45 minutes)
  • Data Entry Preparation (45 minutes)
  • Installation of dependencies and external applications (45 minutes)
  • Data serialization and REST API with django-rest-framework (45 minutes)
  • Manage templates in Django (45 minutes)
  • Further development of the application - exercise (45 minutes)
  • Product presentation with Q&A session (45 minutes)


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This training is available as live on-line course
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30 lipca 2019 22:36
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