Cybersecurity basics


Cybersecurity basics

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What problem does this training solve?

Cybersecurity is a global concern that affects all organizations as more and more services are being moved to the digital world. Cyber attacks cause losses in organizations resulting from the fact that there is downtime of INFORMATION systems, total loss of data and loss of economic information. In addition, legal regulations functioning in the European Union require that so-called data protection breaches be reported, which may also be the result of the actions of cybercriminals.

The aim of the training is to introduce participants to the subject of cybersecurity by bringing closer and explaining contemporary cyber threats and their impact on the functioning of the organization. In addition, participants will be indicated good security practices that should be used in everyday life, both private and professional.

The training is conducted in the form of a lecture combined with short exercises and is recommended for all employees regardless of their position.


  • Introduction to Cybersecurity (45 minutes)
  • Safe internet use (45 minutes)
  • Email security (45 minutes)
  • User account security (45 minutes)
  • Socio-technical attacks (45 minutes)
  • Mobile security (45 minutes)
  • Security incident response (45 minutes)
  • Training summary (45 minutes)


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